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Best Exercises for Great Swiss Mountain Dog


Posted by admin | Posted in swissy info | Posted on 12-02-2010

Although it is an active dog, best exercises for Great Swiss Mountain Dog can be found cheap and do not require much work. The general temperament of the dog is playful and adaptive to the surroundings and the people. This makes it an active dog that loves to play and is mainly dependant on its owner. Such behavioral qualities make it the best dog you can buy as a pet.

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If you are purchasing a dog to accompany you and your family for a walk, the Great Swiss Mountain Dog will be the best choice. The behavioral characteristics of these dogs enable them to do well with children. It is a playful dog that would love to spend time with children. In general, the Swissy will want people around it, thus it will be friendly to your family members and would also show a friendly behavior to guests and strangers. Plus, you can take it along with you as a guardian dog when you go out for a long walk, and it will prove to be a good jogging companion.

The Great Swiss Mountain Dogs are strong willed, therefore easier to train. However, this dog is not one of those canines who can do tricks outside. The Swissy likes to play with people indoors and will remain quite active there. However, for its exercise, you may take it to your yard where it will love to play. It is not necessary that you should have a huge yard for this purpose as a small yard would be perfect. However, it is necessary that you put fences that are at least four to six feet high around your yard so that they don’t end up galloping to your neighbor’s garden. As active as Swiss Mountain dogs are inside, keeping them cooped up in apartments isn’t healthy. So, you need to take your pet for a walk from time to time.

One reason for exercising your dog is to ensure its health. Many Swissies encounter a problem of bloats. Bloating is when the stomach is filled up with air that cuts blood supply to the main organs of the body of the dog. To avoid this, a dog must eat well and remain active. In addition, a daily walk is necessary for the proper growth of the dog. However, keep in mind that the length of the walk will depend upon the age and the gender of the dog.

Your dogs will like to walk on stony and concrete paths. Grassy roads and parks will also please the dog as he joins you in your daily jog. As for games, Swissies love to play with Frisbees, to fetch toys and balls, and to have a tug-of-war match. However, you must train the dog before you do any of these so that it won’t jump too high and then land in a position that could hurt its body or the people around. If you are planning to spend more time on exercising your pet, you might as well go for swimming. This will take time for the dog to learn, but it will love to do it eventually.

Despite all these exercises, the Great Swiss Mountain dog does not require many strenuous exercises. A dog would do just fine with daily walk, and would not necessarily require running. As it is a large mountain dog, carting, sledging and other forms of traditional exercises can also help in keeping it active and healthy for years to come.

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