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Conditions and Food for a Healthy Greater Swiss Mountain Dog


Posted by admin | Posted in swissy info | Posted on 28-11-2009

After you has set your mind on buying a Swissy as a pet , the conditions and food for a healthy Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is the key area which would require your attention. A healthy dog will require a special nutrition plan and healthy activities to make it grow well. More importantly, if you are purchasing it as a pet, the dog is a part of your family and therefore should be given appropriate attention.

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In general, the temperament of the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is friendly and obedient. Because these dogs are sociable and playful, most people order them as pet dogs. Swissies are loyal, easy to train and are non aggressive in nature. So, they will love to play with children and will be welcoming to strangers. However, their temperament with strangers may vary. While some may be friendly, others may be shy and reserved around them. Plus, if properly trained, these dogs will get along well with other pets as well. In most cases, the Swissy quickly adapts to its surroundings and people. However, the Greater Swiss Mountain dog can also be trained to protect the family by barking at strangers and whenever noises occur, therefore it can serve as a watchful and alert watch dog.

The conditions required for the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs largely depend upon how they are trained. When you are buying this dog, you should keep its training in consideration. The dog will be moderately active indoors and will do just fine in apartments. So, if you are to keep them in apartments, you must take some time out and accompany your dog for a walk. A Swissy would not require much exercise, therefore a long daily walk would be sufficient. Similarly, a small yard will be alright for their exercise. As for the temperatures these dogs prefer, they will like to live in cold climates. So, crank up your AC or your dog will get ill.

Before keeping a Swissy, you must acquire appropriate information about its dietary habits and nutritional requirements. A healthy and fully grown Greater Swiss Mountain Dog will eat 40lbs of regular dog food a month. In general, these dogs require low protein diet, so you must not give them food that is high in protein because this will make them grow at a faster rate and may lead to growth related problems. You should also watch your dog’s weight because excess fat will put an extra strain on its joints and hinder a proper growth.

Another problem the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are prone to is bloat. Bloat is simply filling up of the stomach with air, leading to swelling and finally torsion. Due to the latter, blood supply to its body’s vital organs may be cut off. This will prove lethal for the dog if not treated properly. Therefore, a dog must be given smaller meals two or three times a day. A balanced diet you can consider will include foods like wheat, corn, oat, poultry and lamb. Apart from the usual dog food bought from a store, you can even give some cooked food to the dog.

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For a healthy working Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, you must keep a few more considerations in your mind as well. Yearly checkups, vaccinations, grooming and proper exercise with a balanced diet will keep your dog healthy. Grooming of the dog will also be an easy task. Since it is a moderate shedder, you will not have many problems with trimming and stripping of its hair. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog surely is a great pet to keep. However, give it your time and love and it will give you memories for a lifetime.

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