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Differences between the Four Breeds of Sennenhunds


Posted by admin | Posted in swissy info | Posted on 26-03-2009

There are very few differences between the four breeds of Sennenhunds. All four breeds are well known across Switzerland and Europe and comprise of the following:

• Grosser Schweizer Sennenhund – commonly known as The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
• Berner Sennenhund – commonly known as Bernese
• Appenzeller Sennenhund – commonly known as Appenzeller
• Entlebucher Sennenhund -commonly known as Entlebucher

General features of all four types of the dogs are a calm temperament, heavy build and a unique coat of three colors. Plus, these dogs are of the molosser type, and can lend a helping hand to farmers and herdsmen when kept as farm dogs.

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The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

It is distinguishable from its cousin, the Bernese Mountain dog, by its short hair. Also known as the Swissy, this breed is thought to be the earliest breed of all Sennenhunds. It is the largest and heaviest of other breeds, which is why most people purchase this breed for watching over them or protecting their homes and family.
The coat of the GMD is tri colored: mainly black, white and red. The outer coat is no longer than 2 inches. The outer coat is black and there are symmetrical patches of rust and white. Rust color is found over the eyes, cheeks and the sides of the chest. As for white, it is seen on the blaze of the nose and the tips of tail, feet and chest. Dogs of this breed must have a black outer coat, while their inner one may range from white, light grey to tawny.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Also known as ‘Berners’, this breed of mountain dogs reflects a happy-go-lucky kind of temperament. Berners’ loyalty and intelligence makes them the best choice to buy for people who are looking for pet dogs.

It has a coat with usually long and wavy hair. Like all other Sennenhunds, this breed also displays the tri color feature. However it has a short life expectancy of usually 6-8 years. Aside from that, another drawback of owning this dog is its shoulder problem. Yet, this breed is the most common and most obedient of all Sennenhunds.

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Farmers and herdsmen usually buy this breed. General qualities of this dog that makes it an ideal watch dog are a healthy body and great strength. Like all other Sennenhunds, this dog also displays a tri-colored coat. However, the distinctive features of this dog are its small ears that are triangular in shape and hang alongside its cheeks, and its tail which is curled up over its back.

The Appenzeller is an actively working dog that requires training and exercises. If you are purchasing this breed as a pet, you must keep in mind that it will require special training and regular activity before it can be kept as a pet. Generally, these dogs remain suspicious of strangers, therefore are better to order as watch dogs.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

This breed of Sennunhunds is the smallest and rarest of all. It has a small and sturdy size with triangular ears and small brown eyes. The dog has a powerful and long jaw and a muscular body. The hips of an Entlebucher Mountain Dog are comparatively broader than others. Even though it is comparatively smaller in size than the other four breeds, it still is an active dog and requires appropriate training. Yet, overall, it is a friendly and obedient dog.

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