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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training


Posted by admin | Posted in swissy info | Posted on 17-03-2010

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Training is not that complicated as it sounds. Though it is true that it requires skills and education to teach Swiss Mountain dogs and make them learn, but once you have been trained to train these dogs, things will become much easier. If Swiss dogs are not trained properly and accordingly, handling them becomes tough. Their learning should start when they are 2 to 3 months old. That is the ideal time when these Swiss dogs are very willing to learn and follow their masters.

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Swissies generally respond best to firm but gentle training. Do not push them hard. Use positive reinforcement methods rather than physical punishment or heavy corrections. They can be stubborn at times, but are generally willing to please, friendly and respond to attention and praise. ‘Clicker’ training or food training usually works quite well for most Swissies.

The early years of your Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are very crucial, and it is then only that your dog requires special attention. All dogs are definitely different, but they all need the same amount of affection, care and training to enjoy a happy and healthy pet life. For that, it is very important to understand the dog’s psyche. It will be very friendly and obedient to you only if you know how to deal with it, otherwise you will be endangering yourself by petting a very rude Swiss Dog.

In feeding your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, remember to feed it more than once a day. Do avoid feeding it sweets especially chocolates. Like humans, never let your dog exercise or engage in any strenuous activity right after meals. Yet, at any other time, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs like to exercise by pulling a crate or some load rather than running hard. The Swiss Mountain Dog inherits these particular traits from its ancestors. It was they who pulled sledges back in the icy regions.

The Dominant Gene plays a very important role in the dog’s gene structure. Thus, certain habits, which are very prominent in almost all the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, lack in a few. For instance, these dogs are very friendly and obedient by nature. However, certain Swiss dogs do not show friendliness towards other dogs or people and prefer being alone. This characteristic might have been inherited from that Dog’s parent(s). The parent(s) was/were shy due to certain circumstances, therefore this abnormal activity appeared in the children as well.

Housebreaking is one of the very important training sessions which every dog should be given. Its success rate and failure depends entirely on how the master handles his pet. Plus, do not just let your dog play around or else it will get spoiled and will use any floor whenever it needs to pee. This is one habit which will not be tolerated for long. Socializing is another gesture which should be taught to the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, otherwise they can be very rude with guests and strangers.

Lastly, train your Greater Swiss Mountain Dog like a leader because that is how it will respect you and be obedient. However, if trained like a friend rather than a leader, be prepared for some major misconduct and rudeness. This is every dog’s psyche and that is how one has to deal with his or her pet in order to train it well.

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Good article.

The secrete to effectively training a dog is time and effort as many people are under the illusion that you get a dog and it can just do everything from the get go, they do not realise that it takes time and a little effort.

I agree. It really takes time to get your dogs trained. You have to exert some effort and time for your dogs. It is not as easy as what you think and you cannot just achieve it in just a snap so you really have to be patient.
john greer@dog grooming orlando´s last blog post ..Common Surgical Procedures for Cats

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